Torquay Tornadoes FAQ

Hockey Club in Torquay

When and where do the Torquay Tornadoes train?

The schedule for training is on the training page of this website. The location is either Banyul-Warri Fields, Torquay or Stead Park, Corio.

And where do you play hockey games?

All hockey games are played as part of the Geelong Hockey Association.

Fees for the Torquay Hockey Club and Hockey Victoria affiliation

Player fees include:

  • one-off club fee
  • match fees per game

All hockey players must also be members of Hockey Victoria. The cost of the affiliation is in addition to club fees and depends on the age group. Please register at Hockey Victoria.


The venue for the games varies dependant on the age group. Please see the Hockey Geelong fixtures for game details.

How do I contact the club?

If you would like to join our club please register on the Hockey Victoria membership link provided above or contact us via phone or email.