J-Ball Torquay – come and try the newest sport in town

J-Ball is a brand-new game based on all things social. A bold, SAFE, exhilarating format based on free-flowing social Hockey. With a plastic stick and a softer baller, together with modified rules, we’ve reinvented the game for the young and old. So, come grab a stick because everyone is invited to our social mix!

With the world shifting from being social to social media, we as a community have become less involved in social/physical activity. Hockey Victoria, with the support of Vic Health, has taken charge of this initiative by putting its front foot forward to drive change.

By introducing J-Ball, a new fun social version of the sport, the game is designed around engaging opportunities where people can interact with strangers, friendships can grow stronger and families can spend more time together as one whole community.
Since driving change is difficult. Please support our campaign by pledging a post on your social media. Choose any platform you like or maybe all three 😉

Let’s get J-Balling!

When: Monday 16 April
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: 1 Merrijig Drive, Torquay